Page 6-1 Continental Drift: The theory that the continents around the earth and that they were once connected together in Pangaea. Part B: 3, 4, 6, 8 Skills 2 5 1 3 5 Page 6-2  1 Continental, 3 Mid Atlantic Ridge 4 Newer or Younger 5) Rift  6) Ocean Skills 1) A Iceland 2) B) […]

You have the option to do an extra credit project where you research the Casini project that NASA just completed on Monday, Sept. 17, 2017. You will explain how the project fits with the scientific explanations talked about in class (a copy is below). For each of the scientific explanations, you will write a paragraph […]

Cool image from NASA. NASA was able to take a picture from one of their satellites showing the Moon and Earth together. It gives you perspective about how big the Earth and Moon really are. You can get the original picture here from NASA or search Google for a better resolution picture.

The requirements and graphic organizer for the organ systems project here (You have to click on the Organ System Project link to see the whole post and for the links to work): Organ System Project. The book I put together from is here: Your-Body_b_v13_vg8_s1. Other good resources include, KidsKonnect and Kids Body. The project is due on May […]

Different resources to learn about the cell Textbook Chapter on the cell (PDF) Microscope Parts (PDF) Label the Microscope (PDF) Cell Theory Powerpoint (not mine; PDF) Cell Organelles Powerpoint (not mine; PDF) Cell Part Chart (completed in class; PDF) Cell Part Project (this was due 3rd marking period; PDF) Cell Organelle Memory (PDF) Plant Vs […]

Watch this page for additional extra credit assignments. 1) Watch Cosmos on Sunday at 9:00 PM on Fox. Tell me 5 things you knew about this already, 5 new vocabulary words and what they mean, 5 things you learned, summarize the show and write a one-paragraph response to the show. 2) Read a book about […]