1. Go to
  2. Click on Learn on the left side (third from the bottom).
  3. Click on For Kids.
  4. Click on Earthquake animations.
  5. Answer the following questions (you can answer in Google Classroom if you brought in the permission form).
  6. Aftershocks and foreshocks. What is the difference between the three types of earthquakes? Why would foreshocks be important?
  7. There are four types of fault (blind thrust, normal, reverse and strike-slip). Describe each type in words. Draw a picture of each type in your notebook.
  8. What is elastic rebound?
  9. What is liquefaction? How is this a problem?
  10. Search Great Rift Valley and Erta Ale in Google Earth (using Google Chrome). What are these? Describe them.
  11. Search Midatlantic Ridge. Zoom out until you can see both Africa and South America.  Describe what you see.
  12. Move your focus just to the west of South America. Describe the things we have talked about in class.
  13. What was hard about this activity? What could I (Dr. Utz) have done better?
  14. What did you like about this activity?

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