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Wikipedia article on LED stage lights

The school has just received a grant to upgrade the lighting for the stage in the auditorum. You have been selected to design the stage lighting for the auditorium. You need to write a persuasive letter to Mr. Frank, our Principal, arguing that your design meets the needs of the school community.

You have to use your knowledge of stage, light and science to decide what type of lighting you should use.

A good way to do this is to determine 3 different kinds of activities for which the auditorium will be used. For example, if it is used for band concerts, the lighting needs to have certain features to highlight the conductor, members of the bands who playing solos or the piano player; if it is also used for plays, the lighting needs other features such as a spot light to highlight the actors, the ability to complement the plays, such as bright lights for daylight scenes, but darker lights for night time. You should also consider special effects, such as smoke machines, strobe lights, lasers, and ultraviolet lights.

You should determine 3 different uses for the lights, the features needed, use the catalog or other sources to stay on budget.


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